Sunday, July 4, 2010


I've been neglecting this so much. So much has happened in the past months and my head is still spinning. And by spinning i mean a hangover from last night. So the latest big things are that i got an iMac. It was so random, i mean i was thinking of getting one with my own because my old has a a virus but then i was thinking of rebooting it. The night before i went overseas (yes, i went overseas) BAM! The box was sitting in the living room, i was so surprised and happy. Everything is so much better on a mac! Everything is so clearrr! I'm still transferring pictures and music and its taking a whileee. I always get distracted!
So i went to Indonesia with my lovely faja. We went for 2 weeks and the trip was amazing! I miss it so much! I miss my seeing my cousins and aunties and unclesss! Andd i miss the heat! I can't stand this winter bullshit here in Sydney!
Coming back from Indonesia a week ago, i was invited to my friend Cathy's 18th birthday... the theme was Winter Wonderland.. so i decided to just wear warm clothes cause i couldn't find anything.. The night was great! Got to catch up with all my school friends, meet new people, dance around a bonfire, help a friend throw up, have a marshmallow fight and having to walk up the street just because my sister didn't know where Cathy lived.
Pictures from the night..

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